Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long Lost Blogger

Well, 7 going on 8 months is definitely too long to go without my friend Christine so kindly reminded me last night... especially given the journey that Eric and I embarked on at the beginning of this year!

To be honest, I put this update off for so long because SO much has happened. Where do I even start?

Eric is absolutely thriving. It is such an incredible feeling to watch my husband do what he was created to do. He is so passionate about what he's doing and has found such favor in his classes and on all the projects he's worked on. I'm so so so proud of him. He's meeting the people he needs to meet and making connections left and right. It's an exciting season for him and we're believing that very soon, he'll be launched into his new career in the movie industry!

As for me...well I jumped into serving at our local church which turned out to be absolute life to me. I LOVE volunteering. I love doing things in the house of the Lord just because I want to! I sing in the choir some weeks, sing on a mic others, and play guitar some others. I help with an internship for high school students on Tuesdays, and am on youth staff...I just can't seem to stay away from young people! It's been a blast serving with our church family here in Albuquerque.

I worked full time as the office administrator at a place called Inteli-Care for about a month. I was having lots of fun being a working girl and spending the fruits of my labor, when a gigantic door of opportunity opened and I could not say no to it. I was asked to be a "stand in" for a pretty big actress in a pretty big budget movie filmed outside of Santa Fe. (I wish I could tell you who and what but for legal reasons...I can't) Eric was asked to be an extra on the same flick so he and I got a taste of Hollywood together for 5 weeks. I had a blast and got to work with and meet a lot of cool people. But I must admit, I was glad when the 14 hour work days were over!

Since then, I've started watching three kids a few times a week, which leaves me lots of time to write music. I've joined forces with my beautiful and talented sister, Jayne, who sings and plays the piano like an angel! (Assuming angels are really good piano players...?). We've got six songs in the bag and three or so in the works. We had the pleasure of opening for Elliott when they came through town and have played a few other venues as well. We're having so much fun playing and writing together, and are excited to see what the Lord is going to do! We're still on the hunt for a name and I would love to hear your suggestions!

Eric and I are learning what it means to walk in faith. We are discovering our identity as a married couple, as well as gifts in each other we didn't know were there. We're spending much needed time with my wonderful family and can't believe how quickly this time is going by!

Well there is the past 7 months in a nutshell. I promise I'll update more...and next time I'll throw in some pictures!