Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well well well

Looks like I'm beating Lindsay to another post! She's out doing something silly like Pastoring in 180 and I'm home alone with my thoughts, and we don't want that! So I figure I better share them with this machine which in turn will allow them to be shared with you.

The other day I wrote something in my journal and it came out kind of poetic. I shared it with Lindsay and she was like wow you should post that on our blog.

And while I won't be posting that today, I did run across something short in my journal that was an interesting thought that I could share on the world of blog. So here is a bit on Rhythm...

Last night we went and saw the Ben Darwish Trio and heard some amazing jazz. It was really
incredible. Probably the best I've heard Live. Because they were freestyle, they were funky, and
beautiful all at the same time.

But I thought about rhythm.

And I thought today as I could feel my heart beat pulsing through my fingers, that we are
driven by this perfect rhythm. Always on time. Steady.

Boom, boom, boom, boom...

Increasing in climactic moments and slowing in slumber. This deep rhythmic force that keeps
pumping whether we're aware of it or not. God's perfect design, his perfect beat, powering all of
humanity across the globe. The master musician. It really is beautiful.

Lord allow me to appreciate and portray to others the beauty found in you.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

Alright, alright it's about time I did a post on this thing (eric). Lindsay has done a lot of the other blogs, ok well most of... ok more like all of the blogs on this thing and I figured it was my turn.
I would blog more but hey, I got married, haven't I done enough? I mean that's the end goal and all and now that I've arrived I figured why do anything else? Right?
Anyways here's a little picture I wanted to share with the great world of unknown readers out there, some family, some friends, some creepy people that really have too much time on their hands... (don't let that discourage you readers I don't know, really I'm kind of flattered you're reading this. I mean, people I don't even know peering into my life... I'm special! Oh, what's that? You're interested in what's going on in Lindsay's life and could care less about mine? Dang! No wonder she's the one who writes the blogs.
Anyways again, back to here's the little picture. These past couple of weeks I've been working like a mad man and I decided me and Lindsay were about due for a real live date. Somehow I passed it off on her to plan the date while I finished... working. So when I got home she swept me away to a night of surprises. Starting out at Makahnas to have a bite to eat and enjoy the wonderful sounds of Corey and Whitney Parnell. After that we hurried away to make some appointment which what I had no idea was (Grammar? I don't care)
When we were passing the sportsmans warehouse it dawned on me we must be heading to Sisters. We pulled in for a showing of Drillbit, or Sargent Drillbit, something like that, at the Sisters Movie House. Which I must say is a wonderful movie. I really hope Owen Wilson doesn't get too depressed to make movies because he is hilarious!
After the show we drove about 100ft over to none other than the Five Pine Lodge. And Lindsay explained how she was closing an old bank account and was surprised to find some extra bucks and if it was ok with me then we could use it to stay the night for a romantic evening in one of Five Pine's cottages (see picture) I agreed this seemed like a wise use of this surprise bonus money but told her being a surprise and all I lacked all over my overnight supplies. Well she was one step ahead of me and had already packed me a bag and we stayed and had a incredible little get away. YAY! So here's a pic of us the next morning heading to Sisters Coffee house for breakfast and we almost got tangled in those black briers coming in on the sides of the picture. Oh wait, that's just me being creative with my photoshop brushes. :)

Comments? How about where is your favorite get a way if you have a chance?