Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ode to the Single Days

Yes, I know two posts - one day. I'm awesome!
That, or I've got some time on my hands this afternoon.

One afternoon, I was trying to create more space on my computer.
How a person like me runs out of space on their computer
is beyond me - I email, blog (occasionally)
watch LOST, and that's about it. Anyway, I was going through all my pictures,
most of which encompass the last three and half years,
and I found the most wonderful thing:
Pictures of Eric.
Old pictures of Eric.
Pictures of Eric before he knew I existed.
I thought I should blog about this, but only to be fair, I threw in some old ones
of me.
Enjoy this wonderful trip down memory lane!

Barrow, Alaska 2006
Los Angeles, California 2005
He always did love that Peter Pan.
Barrow, Alaska 2006
The kids ganged up on him, and if my memory serves me correctly
they got snow down his pants
Los Angeles , California 2005
Rockin the basebal hat. Los Angeles, California 2005
Stinkin soul eyes. They'll getcha every time!I have no idea when this was taken.
I do remember, however that he was asked to play Jesus in a video
for church.

More recent. I believe this was Christmas 2006.
The ladies love him.Eugene, OR 2007
We both apparently had a thing for cows - see below.
Ukraine 2005
See what I mean?

Ukraine 2005
Back in the days when I wore hoop earrings and red in my hair
and Nicolette died her hair black.
My how we've changed.
Encounter 2005
Ok, so we haven't changed that much.
Westside Church March 2006
Filming our now infamous Alias video for Kristin's birthday.
To see full length click here: Albuquerque, NM - August 2004
Fresh out of high school, this was my going away party right before
I would move to Bend.

Albuquerque, NM
I'm not sure what year this was, but I do know that it was a birthday
and I do know I was forced to hold that pineapple over my head
while a group of Brazilian musicians sang me Happy Birthday. Santa Fe, NM August 2003
One of the most memorable dates I've ever been on.

Well I hope you either feel all warm and fuzzy on the
inside or are getting a kick out of some of the
hair choices Eric and I made.

The Remodel

As promised, here are pictures of the remodel.
I found my old digital camera in a box in our garage
that had remodel pictures from before we were married,
so you all get the full scope of progress!

August 2007 - Eric's old wall and hallway to the bathroom

March 2008 (Sorry it's sideways) - the new carpet and tub

August 2007 - Derek's old room into the bathroom

August 2007 - demolition
March 2008 - drywall & plumbing

March 2008 - the future home for our double sink

March 2008 - our cool new whirpool tub
March 2008 (sideways yet again) - the shower all drywalled in

March 2008 (stinkin' sideways) - the entry way into our new closet (Derek's old room)August 2007 - How'd that get in there?! : )
Progress is being made more and more every week.
We'll keep you posted!