Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I love this word.
I love it even more when we do it.
You know, be spontaneous.

For two weeks Eric and I decided to not watch TV.
It's been really cool, but that's another blog...

Anyway, I don't go in to work until 1 on Wednesdays.
I was not looking forward to being home with nothing to do until 1.
Eric, knowing this and being the sweetheart that he is,
decided he would take the morning off to keep me company.
We decided to drive to Sisters, Bruno and all.
We had coffee in front of the fire at Sisters' Coffee House,
read our Bibles,
and took Bruno for a little walk.
It was a lovely morning.

Here's Bruno in the car. Very curious about the camera....

Here's me!

For whatever reason, Bruno wanted to be in the drivers seat.
The beautiful view.

Here we are reading our Bibles. Well Eric was at least!

Going for our walk.

The drive home. And yes, Eric is wearing a pair of my sunglasses. He forgot his, and it was very sunny.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day

  • Breakfast at our favorite place
  • Eric bought me these boots I've been wanting for a while (the greatest gift ever - shoes!)
  • A quiet afternoon, just the two of us
  • Eric surprised me with this:
A wonderful dinner cooked then eaten by candlelight.

He is good. He is very good.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We heart Sushi

I got these sushi rollers
(I'm positive that's not the technical term)
as a Christmas gift for Eric.
The other night he put them to good use.
Who knew my husband could make sushi?

He's so handsome and so talented!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Eric's Birthday Surprise

As most of you know, my amazing husband had a birthday.
I decided, since he always surprises me,
to plan a little surprise of my own.

One of Eric's favorite bands/musician is Jon Foreman.
Post Switchfoot Jon Foreman to be precise.
Well it just so happened that he was going to be in Portland
just a few days after Eric's birthday!
The scheming began...

I arranged with Eric's boss to give him half the day off.
We left work Wednesday afternoon, and he was clueless the whole time.
After a few hours we pull up to this lovely place:

Hotel Modera
I got us a screamin deal!

After we got situated, I took Eric to this sushi place he really likes called
Dragonfish Asian Cafe'.
We had super yummy sushi - Eric's favorite.
Then right after dinner I surprised him with tickets to see none other than Jon Foreman himself.

He's doing this new project called Fiction Family. A couple of members of Nicklecreek are apart of it as well. It was such an amazing show. This is the last part of one of my favorite songs he does.

This was when the entire crowd broke into "Hey Jude"
so that the band would come back out for the encore.
One of my all time favorite concert moments ever.

Here we are right after the show. Woo!

Our hotel had these cool fire pits in the courtyard.

Here we are enjoying them.

The next day we had breakfast at Cafe Bijou, coffee at Stumptown, we spent our Christmas gift cards at Urban Outfitters, read books at Powell's, and then headed home.
Truly, we enjoyed the Portland experience to the fullest.

Happy Birthday to Eric. The big 26.