Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Burque

We're back!!!
We had an amazing week in Albuquerque,
visiting my family and getting
some much needed r&r.

Our first morning. It was perfect!
Beautiful weather, coffee, and Jesus.
I love my daddy!
Mother's Day Pedicure. Of course.
My aunt bought a scooter, and let Eric take
us out for a ride.
This is Jayne before:
(aw brother and sister!)

And this is her after : )My mom took Eric and I to a spa.
We spent the day relaxing, and eating good food.
It was awesome!
And yes this was pretty much the temperature the whole time!
(Coming from 40 degrees in Bend, we couldn't have asked for more.)
He's such a conversationalist.
We discovered this restaurant downtown.
It was great for people watching.
Oh Gracie. She's sure grown on me.
A little photo op before the airport.
The drive to Bend from Portland.
The lighting was incredible.

Train.More train.

We miss it already!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prayer Series

Lindsay doesn't know I posted this because she probably wouldn't have it.
Funny thing though I was shooting testimonies for the prayer series coming up, and Lindsay happened to be there helping me out. So the people finish up and the guy who requested the videos coaxed Lindsay into getting in front of the camera and sharing something. So she did and as I'm going through the footage I was being totally unbiased and showing him all the different stories and he gets to Lindsay's and is like oh that's perfect, let's go with that one.
So a week later Lindsay's face is projected huge on two 15' x 20' screens (or something like that) for a couple thousand people in our weekend services. And everybody's like wow guess it pays to be married to the video guy! Kind of funny, but it wasn't even my idea! Anyways here's the video that played...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

We love Barns

I must say that I have
thoroughly enjoyed
Eric's posts.
He should write them more often.
But in the meantime...

Here is our life
in pictures from the
last month:

We took a spontaneous trip to Eugene!
One Sunday we woke up a little early and just decided to go.

We made an unconventional stop - coffee.
Eric has a thing for barns. Old beat up barns.
So we captured many on the beautiful drive.

No barn. Just cows.

We ate outside (a first for 2008).
It was delicious!

Fifth Street Market

If you detect a hint of fear in this picture, it's because
I was looking at a bush I thought was swarming with bees.
They were actually flies.

He like the dirty brick.
One morning I woke up early enough to watch the sunrise with
Nicolette and Jessica.
It was cold but totally worth it.

Eric and I decided to make our cabinets look prettier.
Here are the befores. You'll have to check back for the
finished product!

It was quite the undertaking. But thankfully I'm a really hard worker.

Eric is making progress on our closet!!!!
We bought a bathroom cabinet!!!

We went on a date. Unfortunately, these are the only pictures we took.
But it was so much fun.
Greg's Grill
Baby Mama
Banana Milkshakes.

Keep checking back to see our kitchen cabinets!