Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Remodel

As promised, here are pictures of the remodel.
I found my old digital camera in a box in our garage
that had remodel pictures from before we were married,
so you all get the full scope of progress!

August 2007 - Eric's old wall and hallway to the bathroom

March 2008 (Sorry it's sideways) - the new carpet and tub

August 2007 - Derek's old room into the bathroom

August 2007 - demolition
March 2008 - drywall & plumbing

March 2008 - the future home for our double sink

March 2008 - our cool new whirpool tub
March 2008 (sideways yet again) - the shower all drywalled in

March 2008 (stinkin' sideways) - the entry way into our new closet (Derek's old room)August 2007 - How'd that get in there?! : )
Progress is being made more and more every week.
We'll keep you posted!


Eric said...

I love you

And just for the record we do have another bathroom people. We don't bathe in that bare 2x4 adorned tub.

Luke & Kristin said...
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Luke & Kristin said...


you should let me know when you're all done so I can do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and let ya know how much money you made in equity on that remodel!

(Equity got more "A"s than remodel)

Cassie said...

When the remodel is complete you should have a house warming party.
here's why:
house warming parties are good, especially for remodeled houses because...
~you get presents
~people tell you what a great job you did,
~they ooo and agh a lot
~sometimes they bring food... which is always good at parties...
and then your house feels "warmed". and we all know that houses that have been properly "warmed" are so cozy.

Ham Bone said...

yeah for progress on the remodel! i wish we could help but our handiness is pretty much limited to painting and demo work. My skills being the former and Jacob and David being the later.