Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our First Anniversary

So let me just start off by saying that this has been one of the
most amazing years.
Jesus is so faithful, always, consistently, unwavering.
He chooses things, lots of different things, in our lives to teach us
and to bring us closer to His heart.
Marriage has been one of those things for me.
I was reflecting on this past year in my journal today,
which happens to be our actual anniversary,
and said this,

"I've learned more, died more, loved more, sought more, questioned more,
and believed more, than ever before."

And it's true.
No two years in Master's Commission could have ever taught me
all that I've learned this year.
I stand amazed at the Lord in His purposes for marriage being just one more way
to know Him, see Him, and learn Him, even more.
What's even more beautiful is that I know the best is yet to come.

Now, on to the Bahamas.
The beautiful, amazing, 90 degree Bahamas!

Our first stop was in Freeport. This day wasn't as sunny as we had hoped.
In fact it even rained a little.
But it was beautiful and very warm, nonetheless.
Eric's hair was super curly!
I was asked if wanted my hair braided more times than I can count.

The next day we stopped in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.
It was sunny, super humid, and super hot.
As soon as we stepped off the boat we were bombarded
with taxi drivers, jewelry makers, hair braiders...everybody wanting to make a buck.
We weeded our way through them all and found a nice outdoor cafe' to read our
Bibles and get our caffeine fix.
It was way too hot for coffee, but hey we're addicts.
After time with Jesus and some walking around
we headed back to the ship and changed into our beach attire!
Again, as soon as we stepped off the boat we were bombarded once again
but this time with scooter venders!
It wouldn't have surprised me if they started punching each other.
Apparently our business was very valuable.
Oh yes, that's right. We rented a scooter.

It was surreal riding around this beautiful island, our destination being
this even more breathtaking beach.
I've never seen water so blue.
Oh and p.s., they drive on the left side of the road.
So scary! But Eric did great.

Here's Eric in the deep blue sea.
I went for a dip as well a few minutes later, and the water was so warm!Yes folks, that's a hammerhead shark!
But don't worry, it was in it's own separate pool.

We headed back to the ship for formal night, and formal dining, with three
yummy courses.

We wandered over to the theater to catch the show.
Here we are waiting for it to start!

Our ship.

The last day of our week was spent in Orlando. We rented a car and
explored the unknown land.
We only got lost a couple of times, but hey, it's all part of the adventure right?

Plus, look what we found because we got lost!
Who knew?
We had such a great time
and can't wait to see all the great things
God's going to do this year!


asfol said...

nice blog.
I'm from Brazil.
GOD bless yours.
for long long time.

dad said...

wow!! looks like a wonderful trip and happy anniversary!! already one year.. time sure does fly. (i had a really "big" suitcase, you were supposed to come by to pick up to take w/you... lol!)

i love you guys!


p.s. a joke, I was in the big suitcase... ha ha

Chase Daddy said...

Has it really been a year??? It seems like just yesterday....awww the memories...oh wait a minute, all I remember is me almost crappin my pants becuase I was so nervous to do that dang best mans speech. :)

nicolettebw said...

I like the boat picture the best!

joann renee said...

I would say I'm jealous...but not of your destination (you both know how that kind of weather deals with me)...but I am jealous of the trip itself. Looks like it was a blast! Next year you should go to Barrow for your anniversary. :)