Monday, January 26, 2009

A Parnell Christmas

Better late than never right?
First of all I must say that Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year,
and I think it went by way too fast.
And second, here are a few pictures from our 10 day trip.
They don't do it justice:

Here was my first Christmas present:

Here is my second Christmas present: my new glasses.
I love them!

I promise I bought Eric some really cool presents too, but failed and took no
pictures of him unwrapping them. He still loves me.

Here are some pictures from our 29 hour drive to Albuquerque.
Yes, 29.

Christmas morning at my dad's

Pretty Lisa.
Jayne and my dad. Yes, he wears that hat every year. I love him for it.
Christmas at my mom's.

I threw this picture in because it's awesome.
My grandma and grandpa bought a Santa hat and made whoever was passing
our presents wear it. It was my cousin Taylor. Hilarious.

Like I said the pictures don't do it justice. We got to spend time with almost all
of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. We got to hear my sister sing, spend time with
long lost friends, and eats lots and lots of green chile!


Cassie said...

i am waiting on a memory card from Washington so i can post pics from Christmas... =(

you look so cute!!!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Green chile? Ya right! I was an only RED chile eater. The hot one. Ya that's right. - Eric

nicolettebw said...

YAY for green chile!!! Also, I totally teared up at that picture and comment of your dad wearing the santa hat. what the heck??

love you guys!