Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I love this word.
I love it even more when we do it.
You know, be spontaneous.

For two weeks Eric and I decided to not watch TV.
It's been really cool, but that's another blog...

Anyway, I don't go in to work until 1 on Wednesdays.
I was not looking forward to being home with nothing to do until 1.
Eric, knowing this and being the sweetheart that he is,
decided he would take the morning off to keep me company.
We decided to drive to Sisters, Bruno and all.
We had coffee in front of the fire at Sisters' Coffee House,
read our Bibles,
and took Bruno for a little walk.
It was a lovely morning.

Here's Bruno in the car. Very curious about the camera....

Here's me!

For whatever reason, Bruno wanted to be in the drivers seat.
The beautiful view.

Here we are reading our Bibles. Well Eric was at least!

Going for our walk.

The drive home. And yes, Eric is wearing a pair of my sunglasses. He forgot his, and it was very sunny.

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Luke & Kristin said...

I can't believe no one has commented on the picture of Eric walking the little foofy dog... come on, that's funny!