Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Celebration of my 23rd Year of Life

For my birthday, Eric surprised me with a trip to Seattle.
It's probably my favorite city right now.
Love, love, love it.
And I loved, loved, loved this trip!

The lovely drive which was so marvelous since we hadn't seen each other
for a week! (summer camp was in sesh)

I know it's a little strange, but I absolutely love hotels! To the point
where I will sacrifice shopping in order to stay in one.
(Okay, not all shopping...)
This was my "We're staying in hotel I'm so happy!" face.

Last year , we discovered this amazing little french restaurant right
by Pike's Place. It's the little place to the left in the picture.
Seriously, soooo yummy.
If you ever go to Seattle, eat there.

What is a Parnell blog without some alley way artistic shot?
Why, it's no Parnell blog at all!

I realize I look extremely unhappy here, but trust me when I say, I'm not.
This was right outside Pike's Place. So pretty!

We were trying to get the water behind us here like in the picture above,
but I guess either Eric's arms aren't long enough, or
our heads aren't small enough.

Cheesecake Factory, Cheesecake Factory, Cheesecake Factory.

Downtown Seattle. Sittin' on a wall somewhere.

We met up with Nicolette Sunday night for the
Linsolette Bday Bash '09.
5 years running strong!

Here's to the best year yet!


Cassie said...

happy birthday.
happy seattle. (i LOVE LOVE LOVE that city too!)
happy hotels.

but mostly...


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