Thursday, October 14, 2010


Man how that word has taken on new meaning. Well, maybe not so much new meaning as real meaning. I know that I've prayed for it to happen in the various youth groups that I've been privileged to be a part of. I also know what I thought it looked like. Let me tell you...I didn't really have a clue.

Momentum is taking place in our lives right now. It didn't happen overnight, nor did it happen
to us. We have worked for it. We have paid a price. And we are beginning to see fruit. I never thought momentum would require faith. Oh but it does! 2010 was set aside as a year to pursue our dreams. Yes, I most definitely had preconceived notions of what that looked like. I had some expectations. (Some of them may or may not have included winning the dream home from HGTV in March of this year....which, for the record, we did not.) Let's just be honest people - pursuing your dreams is hard work. We've shed some tears (and by some I mean a ton!), we've been broke the majority of the time. We've been told no more than yes. Turns out, you have to fight for the call of God on your life! So now, ten months later, we are starting to see it take shape right before our eyes. And so, we have decided to stay in New Mexico a little while longer. We want to give this momentum, which is still in its infancy, a chance to grow. We want to allow the Lord to finish this amazing work that He has begun.

Eric has gotten on a project (this month actually) that will give him all of the union hours he needs. After that he will be eligible to FINALLY get into the union and start working on projects that he actually wants to be working on. In fact, for all you praying folks out there, Eric really wants to be a grip or electrician for "Breaking Bad"- an Emmy award winning show shot right here in Albuquerque. They start up in January and end in June (ish) which is perfect! So please pray!

As for me, Jayne and I are writing songs, saying yes to every single gig we are offered, and we've started recording an EP. It's so exciting and SO MUCH FUN! I would have never dreamed that 10 months in, this is where I would be. I am in absolute awe and a testimony that the Word of God
never returns void. I moved here with His word that I was a songwriter and nothing really to show for it. Now Jayne and I have songs! I have written songs! Songs that I like! Songs that I would listen to! It's pretty amazing...God's pretty amazing.

To move back to Bend now would be just plain silly. Momentum is in the air! We do miss Oregon, though. We miss our friends and our family. But I know that when all this is said and done, it will all have been worth it.

Here's to momentum, and living the dream!


Kristen P said...

So happy for you two!

Cassie said...

this blog post says so much without using a bajillion words.

i like that! well done Linds.

you are missed around these parts for sure, but it's GREAT to hear what God is up to with you both!!! yay God! Go You!!!

Brittany Blevins said...

SO awesome! Very excited for you two! Let Derek and I know whenever you are in Eugene. If you have time away from family we would love to see you!