Saturday, November 27, 2010

Anniversary Numero Tres!

Oh only gets better with time. Three amazing years, and a little trip to Santa Fe to celebrate!

On the hour long car ride to Buffalo Thunder Resort.

Our gorgeous hotel. It was absolutely beautiful!

There were three or four restaurants in our hotel, and once we got there we found a cute little one we liked. It was the yummiest grilled cheese I've ever had.
That night, we found a little sushi place that had live music. The waiter bought us dessert. How nice!

The next morning we set out to find a yummy little breakfast place.
It was awesome! If you ever go to Santa Fe eat at Counter Culture. It reminded me so much of Oregon.

We got a corner seat right by the fire.

The best lookin guy in the place : ).

Feeding the meter. I HATE paying for parking!

Eric chasing some pigeons.

Outside my favorite little store "Poem".

Shopping on the inside of my favorite little store.

It was windy, windy, windy!

Eric wants to shoot a movie right here, so we took a picture so we can find it again.

Mini photo shoot on this cool bridge we found.

More plaza-ness...

Getting ready for dinner.

The beautiful place we had dinner the second night.

Our hotel at night.

Last picture before we head out.
AMAZING food. AMAZING weekend. AMAZING three years of marriage.


chris and annie said...

You two are SO CUTE!!! Gosh. Love this. I love reading your blogs, they are always fun. Missing you guys still....xoxoxo

Yessica said...

I like it all, but I'm particularly fond of that red lipstick!