Friday, January 11, 2008

Our New Life

Well we finally did it...we have joined the world of blogging.
What a great way to share all the happenings of a new life together with friends and family!

Here are a few photos to catch you up on our new life:

November 16, 2007

November 17, 2007 through December 2, 2007
The Honeymoon

Our First Christmas

Eric putting the first ornament on the tree

Don't Ask.

Christmas Morn.
J Lo?
I have the best husband in the whole world! New keyboard? Heck yes!
Don't worry, I got him this rad sweater, so we're even.

Warm new coats from the Parnell's to shied us from the up and coming blizzard. How did they know?Cutest new cousins in the whole world!

Jingle Bell race in Boise , Idaho .Chase - He got fourth. We were so proud!
Albuquerque, unaware Jayne, and my mother's third daughter - Gracie.

Eric being artsy. He's very good at that. Classic.

He rides again! My mom was scared for him, but I had faith. GREAT faith.
Other than the whole him getting lost in an unfamiliar city, it was great!
Santa Fe. The greatest New Mexican food ever.
We didn't buy them, but this picture makes me wish we had.

New Year's 2007 - 2008

The drive to Eugene.

My first New Year's kiss.

Present Day

I know I said "a few photos" but a lot's happened since we got married.
I hope you enjoyed this view into our lives.
There will be much more to come!
Hello big wide world of blogging.


joann renee said...

Impressive first blog. Don't lose the passion you begin with! Contrary to popular opinion, I don't actually love being the sole blogging deity...I'd much prefer to have a few companions to share the glory of the blogging title with (besides my sister Beth).

Tara Jeanette said...

much love! you guys are very cute. i already added you to my list of links! Ps. Joann-isn't the only queen of blogs, we have to give her a run for her money!

karleeanne said...

We've been hoping to see this day come! It is a very sad thing to have friends, but not know a thing about their lives...thanks for sparing us this sadness! We love you guys! Feel free to come visit us in Walla Walla any time! Maybe we'll actually get to see you next time we're in Bend too...who knows?

Jezreel "God will sow" said...

ha ha you said sheid

Ham Bone said...

Hey Newlyweds! I love the new blog. The pictures from your honeymoon are great....I love the mullet shot in the background! I hope we can see you guys soon!

Katie Scott said...

Hee hee you said "here are is".