Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trip to P-town

This past Saturday, Eric and I decided to take a little trip to Portland
to spend our IKEA gift cards.
Our trip started off as all trips should:

We drove past our beautiful mountains

Stopped at the Detroit Lake Bridge. Frolicked a bit, took some rock star pics,
but industrial is really our forte'.

One of the not so rockstar pics...but it's still nice, and you can see the water.

After 3 and half hours we arrive at our destination. We got a wicked awesome
coffee table, and brand new bedding! (pictures of those to come soon)
After about an hour in the madness that is IKEA on a Saturday afternoon,
we took a drive down our favorite street - Burnside.
We hit up Powell's (I could spend days in there), Buffalo Exchange (new cool shoes!),
Urban Outfitters, and of course, Chinatown.

We usually eat at PF Changs, but this trip we were feeling a bit
adventurous. We discovered this new super yummy restaurant called
Henry's Bar and Grill.
We highly recommend it.
This was at our table, and I felt artsy.Eric is way more artsy.

On the drive home. Portland glows at night.

The ride home turned out to be a little longer than expected.
We checked the oil (and by we I mean Eric).An hour or so later we found ourselves attempting to put on chains.
Neither of us had done it before, but we had fun learning!
My job was to yell directions to Eric out the driver side window.
We conquered!!! (And by we I mean he.)
The drive took five hours. We got pulled over twice within an hour
(we have a broken tail light)
And made it home close to two.
It was a great day. I love a rainy Portland afternoon.
Even more, I love a rainy Portland afternoon with shopping.
And yet, still more, I love a rainy Portland afternoon with shopping, and most of all:


dad said...

love it!! (and of course i love you!!)
keep up the great blog!!
your dad

karleeanne said...

Lindsay, your blog has become a favorite! Keep it up! I've been inspired to try and be more creative with our blog. I'll get back to you soon on when would be best for you and eric to come visit. Love you!

Evan & Elisa said...

as i read your blog i was reminded of all the reasons i miss portland....buffalo exchange....henry's (LOVE henry's)....ikea (not that I have been yet...but soon)....and, most of all, the rain! i think i need to go very soon!

Tara Jeanette said...

I posted you a great comment and my internet connection timed out! something along the lines of..."I love you, I love you guys, keep taking lots of pictures and blogging so that I can see everyone that I love"

Cassie said...

hooray for all the pictures!

you are now linked on by blog... under: Sweet Blogs that I read Religiously

bless you both!

Luke & Kristin said...

and you didn't bring Gina back a chandelier.. oh man.. I heard all about it.. she wants one of those so badly..
you look happy, hope you're doing well.

Leen said...

yay- a new blog to check !!!! love you guys tons!!! keep it up!