Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adventures of the Beard

So we lost our camera charger which explains the recent lack of blogging.
I think we're going to order a new one very soon, and then you all can
see all the wonderful pictures of our remodel which is coming along quite nicely!

In the meantime, I discovered how to email pictures I've taken with my
camera phone to myself so you all can see what we've been up to....well kind of.

For the past month or so, Eric's been growing out his beard.
It was fitting, since we felt like, because of all the crazy weather,
we were living in the snowy alps.
And everyone knows, only bearded, grizzly men live in the snowy alps.

Then, the morning came. He looked at me with a sense of sadness
in his eyes and said, "Lindsay, I think I'm going to shave my beard."
"Yes, dear husband. It is time."

Goodbye grizzly beard. We shall miss you.
The following is what ensued that fateful morn:

Grizzly Adams"

"The Frenchie" "The Biker Cop"

"The Mullet of all Facial Hair" aka "Mustachio"Eric "Baby Face" Parnell

While we mourn the loss of our grizzly friend, we celebrate new life and welcome the sight of Eric's whole face once again.


joann renee said...

That was a lovely documentation of events...thank you so much. I felt like I was there.

Cassie said...

i love the process... most delightful!!

my little brothers who are sitting on my lap, also enjoyed and asked in a slightly annoyed voice, "uh do you know him?" they also asked "why?" i'm not sure they understand how meaningful it is to document something like this! =)

Katie Scott said...


Ham Bone said...

What!?!?!? All that perfectly good red hair gone!!!! :P

Dad said...

oui oui....the frenchie!!

Anonymous said...

sweet lord! i'm in my drama teacher's office right now with a bunch of other kids, and my face was literally ready to burst with out landish laughter.
i decided against it so i leaned down alot and silenty let it all out.
thanks for that.
it's only second period so my day will be much better.
love you guys.