Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prayer Series

Lindsay doesn't know I posted this because she probably wouldn't have it.
Funny thing though I was shooting testimonies for the prayer series coming up, and Lindsay happened to be there helping me out. So the people finish up and the guy who requested the videos coaxed Lindsay into getting in front of the camera and sharing something. So she did and as I'm going through the footage I was being totally unbiased and showing him all the different stories and he gets to Lindsay's and is like oh that's perfect, let's go with that one.
So a week later Lindsay's face is projected huge on two 15' x 20' screens (or something like that) for a couple thousand people in our weekend services. And everybody's like wow guess it pays to be married to the video guy! Kind of funny, but it wasn't even my idea! Anyways here's the video that played...


Cassie said...

not sure why, but that video made me cry when i saw it at church and it made me cry again watching it just now.....

good job linds. good job eric. =)

you guys are great!

Katie Scott said...

I really do love this video. It makes me want to run home and just put on worship music and sit in the presence of Jesus.

Eric - you're so good at what you do.
Linds - you're hot :) and so good at communicating in an attention capturing way. I love you!