Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Burque

We're back!!!
We had an amazing week in Albuquerque,
visiting my family and getting
some much needed r&r.

Our first morning. It was perfect!
Beautiful weather, coffee, and Jesus.
I love my daddy!
Mother's Day Pedicure. Of course.
My aunt bought a scooter, and let Eric take
us out for a ride.
This is Jayne before:
(aw brother and sister!)

And this is her after : )My mom took Eric and I to a spa.
We spent the day relaxing, and eating good food.
It was awesome!
And yes this was pretty much the temperature the whole time!
(Coming from 40 degrees in Bend, we couldn't have asked for more.)
He's such a conversationalist.
We discovered this restaurant downtown.
It was great for people watching.
Oh Gracie. She's sure grown on me.
A little photo op before the airport.
The drive to Bend from Portland.
The lighting was incredible.

Train.More train.

We miss it already!


Eric said...

wow babe! You're so good at painting a picture of our lives. I love you!

nicolettebw said...

once an atist, always an artist. (yeah I don't really know what that's supposed to mean...) but for realsies, I miss your family. I vote I get to go with you guys next time. even if it's at christmas!

Yessica said...

Boat. Saturday. My first day back in town... can I get an amen? (frankly it would be difficult for me to be any more excited than I am right now)

Dad said...

nice pics!! but most of all what a wonderful time we had with you guys!! so short though.. i love you!!


Paige said...

Hello Eric and Lindsay Parnell. Your pictures are fantastic and I always look forward to checking out your blog for 2 reasons:
1. I always know there will be a new post
2. those posts usually have pictures and, lets be honest here, blogs aren't blogs without the pictures.
Thanks for being outstanding blogging role models who love Jesus.

Molly Polly said...

Yay for family!!! Glad you had fun, but gladder that you're home :)

nicolettebw said...