Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The End of an Era

Yesterday, Nicolette moved.
Amazing friend for four years, maid of honor, sister.
There is sadness in her leaving, but to be honest,
I'm excited for her.
I know that while this is the end of an era here in Bend,
it's only the beginning of a new chapter in both of our lives.
I know she'll move back someday.
I know our kids will grow up together.
I know that this friendship is nothing less than supernatural.

Here are some memories I want to share with you:

I love you friend.
Thanks for sticking with me all these years.
The best is yet to come.


nicolettebw said...

I didn't cry. I didn't cry when I left Bend. When I drove away and knew I wasn't going to be back the next weekend. I didn't cry when I unloaded all my things into a brand new place, or when I got my new phone number. I didn't cry when I realized life would still happen without me.
But you did it. you made me cry. sitting in my hotel room at the coast. knowing that life was changing drastically. you sealed the deal and made me realize how much I love you. how much I love where I've come from, how much it's a part of me.
but... it wasn't a bad cry. It was the kind of cry that's sad and happy at the same time. knowing how much I'm loved and missed, makes it harder to stay.
I love you. our kids will grow up together.
(why did I dye my hair black??? sick.)

Bo said...

Wow. That made me cry too. And it was one of those rare (very rare...way too rare) things that made me remember why I work with young adults...watching you both grow and mature and become the amazing women that you are now has been...just stunning. I love you both!

Eric and Lindsay said...

That means more to me than you know. Sometimes we're in the trenches for so long that we forget to look up and see how far we've come, and how much ground we've gained. You reminded me of how far we truly have come and I love that you've been there the whole time.

Thanks for helping us learn how to love Jesus.

I love you too.

dad said...

wow, end of an era indeed! thank you nicolette for such a dear friendship w/my little girl! to hear, over the years, how you two have hung together loved, and encouraged each other always gave me a "peace"..