Saturday, August 2, 2008

Photoshop, meet the Blog.

I've discovered Photoshop.
What a glorious thing this is!
Editing our pictures is going to be taken to a whole new level.
Here's how it happened:

Last night, I had a hot date.
I wanted to document this memorable night
with lots and lots of pictures. Mostly because I'm a big dork.
You have to understand something, however.
My husband doesn't just take pictures....oh no,
He will stinkin' spend 10 minutes positioning the camera
to get "the perfect shot".
I don't necessarily mind this.
1. It makes him really good at what he does for a living
2. You guys get blogs like this.

But moving on,
We got home from a very yummy dinner at Merenda's,
and I was so excited about our little date photo shoot,
that I convinced Eric to teach me how to use Photoshop
so I could edit our pictures right then and there.
Consequently, I spent the next hour or so (oh yes until after midnight)
messing with our pictures and discovering all the beauty that
that this ingenious little program has to offer.
The following is the fruit that bloomed from our
marvelous date and
Lindsay's first encounter with Photoshop.


Dad said...

beautious!! nicely done
(i still want to send you the "off the wall", photoshopeed pic of you...)

Danny Schulz said...

I remember when Eric said he was pretty sure he would never get married. And I remember my response "'re full of crap." Or something like that. I'm sure glad there was someone to pastor him out of that one...or photoshop would not have such wonderful photographs to edit. You guys are awesome. Love from the east...

little sister said...

seriously, seriously now, sibs.

i checked out your recent stuff
at chlo and cez's house,
and we totally lost it over
the one where there's like ten of
your outlines echoing your real selves.

i hope you know which one i'm talking about.
i'm STILL laughing and they're not with me.

corn city!
i love corn city!
keep her open!