Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anniversary Part 3

Ensanada, Mexico and the Beautiful Cruise life:

We rode some horses on the beach!

The view we had pretty much the whole time.

At "La Bufadora"

Onto the glorious Towel Friend sequence.
Each night Eric and I came back to a new towel animal.
I made him take pictures with every one.

Towel Friend #1 - The turtle
Towel Friend#2 - The puppy

Towel Friend #3 - I haven't the slightest idea
Towel Friend #4 - By this time we know that our cabin attendant
had run out of ideas for animals, for clearly this is not an animal at all
but a heart.

A not so ghostly shot of our ship.

Our day at sea. We found a cozy little spot with the ocean right by our side.

Breakfast on the deck. This stupid seagull stole the bacon right off of
my plate. Right off.

Formal night, in our formal dining room, with our formal three course meal. Yummy!

Our last night.

Praise Him from whom all vacations flow!


Jayne said...

bwahaa the towel buddies took my dignity at satellite.
yeah, i was cracking up. in front of my dumb little laptop. in front of the world.

Becky said...

towel friend number 3? I say walrus.