Sunday, December 13, 2009

A New Season

Back in March of this year, the Lord started to stir some things in Eric and I. He started reminding us of the big dreams that He had placed in our hearts, and of what we are called to do. So we started praying. We wanted to be good stewards of the gifts and callings He has given us, and above all else, we wanted to be obedient.

We know Eric is called to make movies and to be an influence in media. We know I am called to write and play music, as well as lead worship. We knew that He was calling us somewhere else. We prayed about Australia, we looked at some different film schools. We looked at a worship college for me. All of which seemed wonderful and grand, but not what we felt the Holy Spirit was calling us to do. Through nothing short of the supernatural, we landed on Albuquerque. All of my family is there, and there's a film tech program, which is exactly what Eric had been looking for.

I'm going to take this next year and write like crazy. I'm going to take a guitar class at the college and serve at the church I grew up in. And while Eric has already been perfecting his craft in video work, he's now going to make the leap into the film industry. As well as still doing some contracted projects for Westside Church our home church here in Bend.

We're so excited for this new season.
We're so excited to partner with the local church there.
We're so excited to see what the Lord has for us.

We do, however feel like our move there is only for 2010. We want to go, get trained and grow like crazy, be a blessing to our friends and family in Albuquerque, then come back and apply all that we've learned. We'll still call Bend our home and the church here, our home church. We'll be back in Bend for the summer (because there really is nothing quite like Bend summers!) and then make our permanent move back in January of 2011.

We're officially moving the beginning of January 2010. While we'll be sad to leave our family here (our friends, our church, and Eric's family who live just two hours away) we look forward to spending time with my family, and making new friendships.

So all this to say, if you're reading this from Bend or Eugene, we love you, and we'll miss you. If you're reading this from Albuquerque, we're excited for our season there with you, and we'll be seeing you soon!

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jonathandy said...

That's awesome guys! We pray God's best for you in this season. Go get 'em.