Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boat Day!

Fact: We love boating.
Fact: Eric loves wakeboarding. I do not. (I'm supportive don't worry)

We have been so thankful for the beautiful warm weather.
It means we get to take the boat out.
It seems we have waited months and months, hope would shine through
the clouds, only to retreat again, forcing more months to pass us by.
But now, I believe summer is here to stay.
Here is the first official summer boating excursion!

Kirk, you daredevil!

This is what we call the "casserole" face. It's a long story.
Jenna's first time. She got up on her first try!

See, it wasn't so bad...
No matter where we go, we represent.

Woo... and I daresay hoo!


Cassie said...

do i dare ask...

can i come?

nicolettebw said...

you may daresay hoo.

Eric and Lindsay said...

Cassie, of course you can come!!!

Tara Jeanette said...

Move over Joann! The Parnell's are giving you a run for your money in the"Who's who" of the blogging world! I love you Eric and Lindsay! When is our dinner date?