Thursday, June 19, 2008

Memorial Day

Since it has been so very long,
I decided I would blog about the biggies.
The first being Memorial Day weekend.

I should preface this blog with saying that Eric's family has since
dispersed across the country.
It all happened so suddenly.
David, Kristen, and Jacob all made the trek (45 hours or so!)
back to Webster, New York.
Chase decided to take a job in South Carolina.
All within one week.

Due to these sad, but exciting circumstances, we all
met up at the coast - Yachats to be exact.

This was the incredible view from our room.

Sharon and JacobThe Parnell family loves to take pictures!

Reflection in the glorious ocean.
Love was in the air...and so was the smell of fish.
Speaking of fish...we went to the undersea gardens.
This is one of many ugly, ugly fish we saw.
Quite the touristy thing to do, so I'm told.
Yes, this is a picture of a picture...but I liked it so much
I thought carpe diem!
This was a boat. We posed appropriately.

Hooray for family and three day weekends!


Cassie said...

that is one ugly fish.

you two however are not at all ugly, but rather STINKIN' cute! and i love that i know you!

Dad said...

very nice!! (memorial day AND new kitchen!!)... thanks for sharing sweetie!!
i love you!!

p.s. eric's ok too!! lol!