Wednesday, October 22, 2008


(Eric) I have to say, I have found the thought of voting for Obama appealing. Something in me that says, “who says we have to vote Republican?” Sure our fathers have told us that since we were young but “because I said so” doesn't hold as much merit as it used to. I want to know, who are these candidates, what are they all about, what do they propose to do in office? And then I can make my own informed decision on who I think is best, right? Right!

So I dig in. I listen to National public radio, I watch the debates, I read the news articles, I listen to what people are saying, and I listen to some more NPR. And somewhere along the line I'm starting to think that maybe I ought to give Democrats a chance. I mean Donald Miller is at the Democratic convention leading them in prayer. Maybe I've just been following the tradition of man in my Republican stance all along.

Obama is talking about how he wants to take what hasn't been working in this county and make it right. He wants to refocus our resources into things like renewable energy instead of spending money on furthering oil drilling. He wants to reshape our tax system for the benefit of the individuals instead of lining congress's pockets. He's got a plan to find and stop terrorist threats in Pakistan.

And I'm thinking, you know what? Maybe our country needs a fresh set of eyes. I think of my work place and how there are many young staff members, whom without, the Church wouldn't be as good of a place as it is. If our influence wasn't made among leadership, services would become stale, and stagnant. A younger generation has ideas, ways to do things differently and isn't boxed in by the “this is the way we've always done it” mentality. So maybe America finds itself stuck in too many systems, policies, and procedures, and needs somebody who's willing to make some change. Right?

But... And there is a but, when I dug a little deeper, and I looked at what kinds of things both candidates stood for. And what kind of change may actually come with voting in Senator Obama, I have to say that besides the sweeping general statements of a better environment, a better economy, better warfare, there are some things that really started to concern me.

One, it's an old one, and one that goes right along with why my parents ever told me to vote Republican in the first place, abortion. I was speaking with a friend recently and they were saying how we need to look a little deeper into the candidates. Like they think that if they give us pro life that we're theirs.

And I was like, YA! We're smarter than that! But wait... isn't that a pretty big issue? The fact that our choice between one candidate to the other could determine the fate of millions of babies. Whether they live or die? I mean say the president does a lousy job in steering our economy and I in turn am living with more financial hardship. Would I trade that so that these babies could live? Yes. Absolutely.

Barrack Obama is said to be the most liberal Senator in office. On this issue, he has voted on multiple measures furthering pro abortion policies. As a president he would only have more influence to make this an easier, more accepted procedure.

It is also said that John McCain is the most outspoken pro life republican in the history of those running for president. And his VP running mate Governor Palin holds the same values. As president he too, would have more influence on how easy or how accepted this procedure is.

Two, Obama would be taking office at a delicate time for our country in the area of military opposition.
We are in a war, and if Obama were to take office right now, I would be concerned that he would make a decision that could set us up for disaster. It could be in cutting military spending, or invading on unwise terms, it could be a number of things. I guess I just feel like ever since 9-11 I've thought that we need somebody who knows how to fight, leading this charge. We've seen that we can't just sit back, chant peace, and hope nothing bad comes our way. There are militants that are taught from a very young age, that America is the enemy. They think that we hoard our wealth, that we're too prideful, that we don't really care about anybody else. Which I know is true to a certain degree, because we are very human and have those tendencies. But it's also not true of a lot of people in this country and is certainly not means for wanting to kill us, but regardless, that is what is happening. And there's things that could be nothing, if everybody remains calm, but we owe China money, there's tension with Russia, and the world knows we're struggling economically. They could see this as a good time to strike.

With this in mind, I have to say, ok forget the wind farms, (although McCain is for those too anyway), the tax breaks, the healthcare plan, the fresh new ideas. This is a life or death situation and if we don't choose wisely it could mean death, in a lot of areas. We can't afford to run with our non conformist desires and be different. We need to vote for somebody that will be a leader in the areas that really need it.

So with all that said, I wanted to tell you I'm voting for John McCain. I'd love to hear your feedback, thoughts, comments, opinions and all.


Tara Jeanette said...

Hooray for doing your homework and deciding who you support and why! Your ahead of 85% of Americans:-). The only thing I could add to your post is that I don't think we will have to worry about what Obama will do with the war. He can spout all the ideologies that he would like to do, but politically, he isn't able to do much. With a Dem president and Dem Congress, neither will rush to do anything drastic and not have anyone to share the blame with if things go badly. (Same reason for why I don't think the Cap and trade will go through). If he backs off and then there is a terrorist strike, he will forever be the prez remembered for failing to take a threat seriously. So I don't think politically he will be rash. Liberal, but not rash:-).I am voiting for McCain as well, because of the abortion issue. I also don't think the gov/country is going to be fixed by whoever holds the office. God has to do a lot more than that. I love you guys! Don't forget about me up here!

jamiejoy said...

So for the first part of your blog all that I was thinking was "but he supports killing children!" And then when you brought up that point, my heart sighed with relief. A wise woman once told me "Find yourself on the side of things where you are loving what God loves."

Thanks for your thoughts! I enjoyed reading them.

Eric and Lindsay said...

Forget about you? Never! Great insight, Tara. In the midst of a constant bombardment of news, polls, and opinions, it's easy to forget how big God is, and that He's one one who holds the heart of the king : ).
Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

NPR isn't a great place to get balanced insight. I would suggest turning off the brainwashing that is public radio until Nov. 4th.

Christina Daurer said...

Up until this election I have never registered to vote, considered voting, and until 2 days ago didn't even know when the presidential election would take place! (Although I did know the "race was on!") Anyhow... With that being said the decision to vote is a challenging one... Coming from a place of complete ignorance regarding the candidates and without even a family influence on who to vote for! I did get some great advice and it rang true in your words as well during this blog. "It doesn't matter democrat or republican, it's actually great that you don't know the difference. What it comes down to is what situations they can make a difference in that are life altering. For or against anything and everything you believe in. We can live with higher taxes. We can live with another landfill. Even though they are not great situations... we can live with them. But what about abortion can you live with that?" What I've found is that you have to dig deep and look at the core of each candidate. Because as you've found out yourself, there can be some beautiful flowers at the surface that appear ready to bloom while under the surface there is some really rotton soil!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Christina, Amen sista!

Danny Schulz said...

The other most critical factor to remember is the judges that the president will appoint to the supreme court will be there for life. Our next president will decide the types of decisions that come from the supreme court for years. Currently there are 4 liberal judges, 4 conservatives and 1 moderate swing vote. Multiple supreme court judges are expected to retire shortly. More important than the Obama vs. McCain question is who will they be appointing to the supreme court. They make the final call on killing millions of babies.

Dad said...

that's my son-in-law!! he said proudly!

i've ALWAYS been a one issue voter...and you nailed it!


Leen said...

all issues aside- i decided against obama when i learned that he won't, not dosn't but WONT salute (spll?) the American flag. all in all, how can one run a nation when he cannot even stand up and pay respect to the flag that symbolizes this nation.

all in all- Gods got the election in his hands and the man whom he wants to win will... we do our part in casting our votes and leave the rest up to him.

Chase Parnell said...

Just a thought....thousands of babies dying sounds alot worse than thousands of soldiers dying but both are death. I was talking to a guy who had a great friend who came back from Iraq so messed up that his mother had to take an early retirement to keep him from killing himself. Also, abortions will be had in the USA regardless of what happens. Also, the whole one-issue vote idea seems to me a little weak.....Shaq is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.....even though he can't shoot a free throw to save his life. Does that mean you don't want him on your team? Also, I'm not saying that Obama is good or bad and I'm not saying McCain is good or bad...i just think people shy away from the thousands of soldiers dying over in Iraq. And people can get all patriotic and say all they want about how necessary these "preventative actions" are....but if your son had to go over to Iraq and shoot children who may have bombs strapped to them or accidentally kill civilians with cover-fire or whatever, that son will be as good as dead regardless of whether or not he makes it out of there alive. Christians aren't running the war in Iraq...these sergeants and generals and platoon leaders, are not making choices that God is giving them, I can tell you that much. God is not behind this war. The war in Iraq is hell incarnate. I pity all who are effected by it. I just think you shjould keep in mind that...yes, abortion is terrible and a bad idea to support, but how many innocent Iraqi's have died. When you think of abortion, its easy to think of swaddling clothes and little white american babies dying a painful death....but when you think of the war in iraq you see brave soldiers, not innocent kids body parts splattered across the steets. Its all very scary....but anyways....I'm not sure if i will be voting or not.... I have yet to reach a point in my life where I feel the gov't is what drives anything....its all driven by sin and greed and money and human nature, not who I vote for or who gets into office. A vote in itself does action can change. So, say you get whoever you want into office, and then sleep through politics for four years without a clue of what your guy did while he was there. Thats not worth voting for. Voting is not an experience given or a deed done...its a tradition that people want to use to make them feel like they have a say in things. Go be nice to someone, go make an old ladies day by telling her she looks pretty....thats worth more to me than a lifetime of voting. Thanks for letting me voice todays will prolly change tomorrow so don't get all riled up. :) Thats just the way it is with me. Also, this wasn't directed at anyone....just thoughts that crossed my mind.

Jennifer said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't know either of you and yet our lives have some commom husband and I both work at our church, we love the Lord with all our hearts and we have looked deeper into the past election beforehand. The election has been decided but it is still a cross we must take up protect the lives of the unborn. I disagree that it is the same as the soldiers. They go into the military knowing that the sacrifice they may make is their lives and they do it to support the lives of those they love and to wrok for freedom in the world. Babies have to be protected, they have not made a choice and their mothers must choose life. I was brutally raped at 12...had a child at 13...even rape is not a reson to kill a child. Blessedly God and my family supported me and led me down the right path. It was sacrifice, but it was LIFE. As a parent now of 5, I am training up (qiwth my husband) our children in the way that they should go...NO ABORTION...and they will prayerfully not stray from it. As Christians we have to stand you have heard,....if we do not stand up for what is right, we stand for nothing. And I want to stand or Christ. Let us stand together in prayer and agree that we still can be heard and we must not be quiet just because the next president has a different agenda BLESS YOU GUYS!! I do not know how to register my user name so am signing it through anonymous...but we are Sarah and Dondi