Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Studio Seven Productions

Studio Seven is finally launching.
This has been a dream in Eric's heart for over two years now.
He teamed up with his good friend JJ, and they made it happen.
Granted this is just the beginning,
the on-ramp to see the fulfillment of His promises.

While I would love to say, Come! And bring all your friends!"
I'm not going to.
This is ministry in an unconventional form.
We want to establish and build relationship
with the film community of Bend,
creating a bridge.
Whether it leads to church, to Jesus, or just to coffee with one of us,
we don't really know.
But then, that's the beauty of this whole thing, isn't it?
Walking in obedience, like Abraham.
All he knew was, "Go to the land that I will show you."
That's what we're doing.
We've got a great team of people who volunteered to get involved
and be a light in whatever way they can,
and we're excited to see what God is going to do.
And as for you, dear faithful reader, you can pray.
Please pray.

Oh, and....


Cassie said...


i am so blessed/excited that your guys asked me to be involved!!!!

Dad said...

wow!! i'm excited for you guys.. and definitely will be praying (more than normal for you).. great outreach opportunity..obedience is better than sacrifice!
oh yeah.. WooHoo!! lol

Anonymous said...
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