Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Lindsay Does

Lindsay Parnell.
The Wife.
The Worship Leader.
The Preacher.

Oh yes she can preach.

This past Wednesday I was amazed at how many kids we had show up to the Gathering. The place was PACKED! God knew Lindsay had a message these guys and girls needed to hear, so he called them out. She spoke with passion, she spoke with authority, and the students received. They were cheering, and AMENing, and cheering some more.

I really am proud of my wife, that she is using what God has given her to help others. But mostly I'm happy for those kids. They got to hear wise instruction from a woman who knows. I'm happy that they could learn how to not get caught up in the ways of the world but to live lives of faith. That they could go forward in their walk with God one step ahead of where we were at their age. (Ok so like 20 steps ahead of where I was)

Anyway, it was a great night, one to remember and one to be shared. So for all you who were not there, here's a little peak at what it looked like.

Evan and Katie on worship

Lindsay preaching and having a good time doing it.

Ok so this was accidental but it turned out kind of cool.

Like I said, there were a lot of kids.
That's all.


Bo said...

Sniff. So proud. Seriously.


Eric and Lindsay said...

I learned from the best! (the best being you!)

Jenna said...

That sermon was rad and I surely will be requiring a copy. You were made to preach it up...well done. Love love love to you.

Chase Parnell said...

Eric.....keep growing out the shag may be your last chance....i want to see it down to your waste....that would be awesome! And that was..........another episode of "RANDOM COMMENT by Chase" stay tuned for next week.

Eric and Lindsay said...

hahaha, again! Chase the hilarious.