Thursday, July 10, 2008


This is what it looks like:
I love Bend in the summer time.
The days are so long,
the sun stays up until you're ready for bed.

(excuse the crappy picture, it was taken from my phone)


joshandkarlee said...

You haven't seen 9:45 pm on Thursday, July 10th yet! Not unless it was a year prior to 2008. It's only 4:45.

Jennifer said...

This reminds me to post some really neat pics I took from my new house...I think I just like saying "my new house!!" Anyway, I grew up in Bend, and use to hate it, and now I can't imagine living anywhere else! On a side note: Lindsay, you looked so amazing last night at emerge! I could never pull style off like you always do! Love you guys.

ky palmer said...

9:45 really seemed so late to me... until I moved to Nampa. It's a different time zone here and we must be very close to the edge of it or something, because at the moment, it is 9:45 (my time) and it is still completely light and will be for another half an hour or so. It makes for interesting bed times. They get thoroughly screwed up because it's still light!