Monday, July 21, 2008

Remodel Update

The bulk of the tiling is done, and our bathroom cabinet is in!
Almost finished.
What's left:
1. tiling the sink counter top and bathtub
2. mud and tape the drywall
3. Paint!
4. Get the plumbers and electricians back
and that's it!!!!
Here's the progress thus far...

Bathroom cabinet in.

Shower completely tiled (thanks Dane!!)

Bathroom floor completely tiled
(a little dusty but finished nonetheless)

Keep checking back to see more progress.


Eric and Lindsay said...

Ooh la la, so dane did the shower but who did that master craftsmanship on the floor? That looks amazing!

Eric and Lindsay said...

me commenting on my wife's blog, under our blogs username, could be confusing. That was I, Eric, for the record.

nicolettebw said...

nice!! ooh... that's pretty.

Ham Bone said...

yeah for remodel progress! so you can tile huh? when r u coming to visit?????