Tuesday, July 1, 2008

God made Dirt, and Dirt don't Hurt...

So Nicolette and I have
always taken pride in the fact that
we love, hippie culture.
Food, jewelry, dancing, sleeping outside, the fairs...
and apparently growing your own herbs and vegetables.
This was a new one for me.
I'm known to kill plants.
Green thumb? Not me.
But in the spirit of all things hippie,
Nicolette and I decided to do
some gardening.

At first glance, you may think
"Why is Nicolette holding mouse poop?"
Oh no, no....those would be seeds.
We planted:
and some of these

What's that? You're not supposed to eat the veggies
until they grow?
Old pro
You can't see the watering can,
but it's there.
I was very happy that watering was my job.

Let's hope they grow!


nicolettebw said...


Luke & Kristin said...

Hey that's MY dirt!! (well some of it)
isn't it a little late in the season to be planting seeds?

Katie Scott said...

Oh my gosh you guys are awesome. You're so awesome that you make awesome things look so not awesome. In fact you're the most awesomest people that are awesome that ever lived. Yep, you're awesome.

(You said you wanted to know that you were awesome...)

joshandkarlee said...

I will be impressed if you keep them alive because I am one to forget to water plants (even if I only have one). I usually remember about once every week and a half or so to water. Hence, our hanging plant appears to be dying...sad.

Bo said...

Hey Linz - you know that since you helped her plant you totally have the right to go cut lavender for your table whenever you want it, yes? It's in the gardener's code. And Tess can use my mint whenever she wants some for her tea. Actually, she can use my whole herb garden because she pretty much keeps it alive and growing. :)