Friday, July 11, 2008

The Buck Stops Here...Literally.

What can I say?
I'm just an animal person.
Actually that's not 100% true.
Don't get me wrong.
I like them, they like me.
We have a fairly amicable relationship.
But this was a little extreme.
A few days ago I walk into my office
to be scared/surprised at this:

Greg Kooistra so kindly informed me that
this was a five point buck.
I thought that was how many points you got if you shot it.
Apparently, it's how many points they have on their antlers.
Who knew?
Not me.

He was there when I arrived at 1:00
and was still there when I left at 5:30.

The animals are drawn to me.


nicolettebw said...

that is hilarious. seriously, so funny.

joshandkarlee said...

Your commentary makes it like 100 times funnier!

Jennifer said...

Re: Hi Friend! You know, if you keep this animal charmer thing up, people will think you are Snow White! Kinda funny because you sing too! Anyway, thanks for your comment. I actually tried to delete my myspace because I like blogger so much better, but it so happens that myspace will not let me go, so now I have to come up with a myspace jail-break!
I like to read your blog a lot cuz you guys have the best get-away ideas, and you can bet I'm not the only one taking notes!:) And Lindsay, I remember a few years ago that we said we should get together sometime, but we never did, mostly my fault, but I think maybe we could still do that? Many blessings over both of you!

sister said...

i'm lol-in.
no joke.

this makes me miss
bend and the likes
of you all

joann renee said...

it looks like the one that used to charge past our windows at night in the house off of Porcupine!